Welcome to Strategic Growth Planning

Have you adapted your business to the new world where broken customer habits have resulted in a new norm for all businesses?  


Your day begins with a plan of items to complete and their priority. Most of us write these items down in some form or fashion and this plan is often communicated to a team so that everyone is on the same page. Why is it that only 13% of companies complete an annual strategic plan?

As you would expect, 70% of companies with a strategic plan outperform their peers. Why? If you plan and implement thoughtful strategies to build sales and profits, you likely will; especially if you review the plans on a regular basis and measure how your performance matches expectations.

The most common excuse we hear from companies which do not, or have not, completed strategic plans is they are too busy working. In real life terms, this is like a beloved pet which puts their nose to the ground sniffing something of interest and walking a mile before they look up and realize they are completely lost. This is not a recipe for success and we can help.

We break the strategic planning process into pieces:

  • Exploration
  • Situation Analysis
  • Future State Analysis
  • Vision
  • Selecting Key Drivers
  • Rating Key Drivers in light of the Vision
  • Defining the Strategic Objectives and sub-objectives
  • Creating a Timeline

If we don’t know where we are, how will we evaluate our current state of affairs? If we don’t develop a plan, how will we know where we are going and if it is a good direction? Finally, if we don’t monitor and report, how will we know how we are doing?

You have come to our website because you understand all of the ideas we’ve shared and agree it is time to make a change and develop an action plan of success. Additionally, you think your company leaders can do this work if you had a clear system to follow. Introducing T.U.P.S.

We developed “TUPS” based on our decades of individual experience as senior leadership across a wide variety of industries & companies. The refinements we have made from previous systems means you can benefit from our hard learned lessons and do so in a streamlined process. As you walk through each of the 30+ TUPS steps, aided by an introduction video to provide context for each section, you will need to employ brutal honesty because if the foundation isn’t reality, the plans will fail. We provide an Excel Workbook and a Powerpoint file to make sure it is easy to work and document the progress & plans you develop.

When you have completed the TUPS System, you will have:

  • Agreed on a planning process and definitions
  • Established a clearly defined strategic direction addressing critical business related issues & opportunities
  • Created a plan which is actionable & realistic
  • Aligned the organization, and budget, with the priorities of the plan
  • All stakeholders were engaged in the process by defining owners & timelines
  • Set specific, measurable outcomes, which are monitored over time

While this website is a DIY strategic planning system, are here to help. Please make use of the contact us form or give us a call to see how we an further meet your needs.