Our clients, small and mid-sized companies in just about every business category, always ask us about the background and experience of Strategic Planning Executives.

Without detailed plans, how will you get to your goals?  Better yet, how will you know what your goals are?  We have decades of experience and know that if you go through the strategic planning process, identify specific goals/focus areas, and identify the owners, the ROI for this process will be extraordinary!


Brian McAdams

With over 40 years of “C” level experience in a wide range of businesses, Brian McAdams has bought and sold companies worth over $500 million and helped launch start-ups on the New York Stock Exchange. Brian has brought his marketing skills to bear on some of the business world’s most challenging problems. You can learn more about Brian’s background at https://www.linkedin.com/in/brian-mcadams-14597b/

Rob Schmidt

Rob holds an MBA in marketing, and has spent more than a decade running $100MM+ brands for major U.S. companies, including new product launches. Over the years, Rob has worked directly with nearly every major retailer in the country. Today, as an entrepreneur specializing in online/offline marketing as well as software development, Rob offers you a wealth of seasoned marketing knowledge and experience. You can learn more about Rob’s background at https://www.linkedin.com/in/robbschmidt