Digital Automotive Accelerate

One of the best ways to develop services is to see an industry through the eyes of a customer.  Recently, we had someone suffer from a hit & run which forced them to purchase a new vehicle.  It was an eye opening experience into one of the most mature industries which is relying on very dated marketing tactics. 

Meet Digital Automotive Accelerate:
The largest search engine in the world is Google & the second largest is YouTube.  It has often been said a picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a thousand pictures.  While many dealers use manufacture created videos, they have not optimized their marketing techniques to be successful connecting to consumers & how they shop today.

  • YouTube has specific algorithms which increase the “importance” of videos and we employ these specific methods to speed the visibility of your inventory.
  • For many years, real estate agents have showcased their properties because potential homeowners have changed how they shop.  We take these best practices to the automotive industry.
  • ECommerce has exploded because it is very convenient to shop from home.  While most dealerships have extraordinarily professional websites, they do not understand how people shop online before test driving a vehicle.  We take these time tested practices and modify them to the automotive industry.
  • GeoFence Marketing
  • While the websites are professional, the available interactivity creates a real opportunity for an unfair advantage through:
    • Interactive video
    • Instantly interactive social media
    • Embrace how consumers use their smartphones in the purchase process to learn about new inventory
    • The direction how a video is shot can be critical to your success and we show you why

Are you ready to emotionally connect to prospective dealership clients in the ways they shop for both new and used cars today?  If not, what is your COI – Cost Of Inaction by leaving inventory on your lot for extra days, weeks, or even months?

We offer a couple of different methods to deliver these services:

  • One on one training, delivered through a live webinar, to show your dealership how to maximize each marketing technique
  • Done for you services so that our companies act as one to engage consumers and increase the velocity of sales for the dealership so that we focus on what we do best and so does your dealership.  We’ve created packages to meet the budgets for any sized company.
  • We offer market exclusivity packages

It is time to take action so please complete the contact us or just call us at 888826-4466.

Digital Marketing Training

  • Google Maps
  • Industry Directories
  • Websites
  • Geo-Fencing
  • Facebook
  • Video Marketing-YouTube
  • Messenger – Chat Bots
  • Online Reviews
  • Podcasts-Daily Thoughts
  • Keyword Targeting
  • Instagram
  • Strategic planning
  • Feedback loop
  • LinkedIn–Snapchat
  • Pinterest

    Customer Experience Training

  • Customer Centric Culture
  • Navigating Your Customer Experience
  • Customer Listening
  • Customer Service as expense center vs revenue generator
  • Customer Experience ROI
  • Customer Experience Metrics
  • Feedback Loop on Service
  • Your Employees Stake In Customer Experience
  • Customer Centric Strategies
  • Strict Policy vs Flexible Empowerment
  • Customer Pain Points
  • AI & Big Data Marketing