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Isolation has been difficult on your Spa business but it has created a unique marketing opportunity which might not have been expected.  People have been completely stressed out about their health and finances.  We have found a incorporating humor into the situation has created viral content and it could also be used in your business in a couple of different ways.  For instance, using wrinkled pet images can dramatize a key benefit of your business to remove wrinkles through a variety of Spa services.  Engaging video is the most likely content to go viral online and this particular set of creative did just that, it went viral and significantly increased the sales for the business.  The combination of humor to grab attention while communicating a clear business benefit is advertising 101 and we can customize this communication for your Spa and generate revenue even if you are closed by selling gift cards to generate cash flow today in exchange for future customers.

People irrationally bought out all of the toilet paper in stores and control is the key to interactive videos because consumers control which content is viewed and/or the video includes personal information from Facebook which puts them directly into the circumstances to dramatize the problem in a personal way.  We can help your Spa reengage customers and it begins with a phone call.  Please reach out to us at (602) 904-6768.

We have created 3 different video formats to communicate the consumer need and 2 of the video formats are on highly interactive platforms which significantly increase engagement and conversions.  The first one is a very standard YouTube video and the 2 additional formats are interactive; technology you might not have even dreamed of which is why they so powerfully capture the attention of potential customers and end up being shared to their friends.

Press red play button to see how your spa can dramatize, with a little humor, how potential customers might have developed wrinkles during isolation and that your spa could be their solution.  The very interactive video shows a video and then allows the viewer to click a link to watch the topic they are most interested in, creating the customer journey to a solution they desire; not what you assume they would want.

Press play to see how the viewer is given options for the next content they would like to watch.










This content platform will bring in the consumer’s Facebook traits which we identify making it highly customized and interactive.  Press play to see a demo.










Here is a very standard YouTube video format:

It is time to take action and generate profits for your Spa. Please call (602) 904-6768 and let’s get your Spa back to generating customers and profits.